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What can Engineering Air Science do?

First and foremost, Engineering Air Science specialises in fluid modelling. By leveraging expertise in fluid mechanics, boundary layer meteorolgy, bluff body aerodynamics and the application of advanced computer simulation and physical modelling techniques, Engineering Air Science has the solution for your project, including:

  • Performing basic and advanced air quality assessments, which can focus on emissions including nuisance odours, pollutants, dust, or other particulate matter 

  • Completing fluid flow analyses, to enhance understanding of pollutant behaviours in urban environments, through tunnels, and around wind farms

  • Providing expert witness and advice, including peer review, auditing, and lecturing

  • Using 25 years of experience to provide value adding bespoke solutions

  • Creating mitigation and control strategies to ensure the project meets legislative requirements

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Meet Dr. John Taylor, Engineer

Growing up in a small country town in Victoria, John was fascinated by the weather, and how it effected the family farm.  When not playing AFL, John became adept at maths and science, before moving to Melbourne to study Bachelors of Science and Engineering at Monash University.

John completed his PhD working on wind tunnels at Monash University, with his thesis titled "Wind tunnel modelling of atmospheric neutral and convective boundary layer flows and buoyant and non-buoyant plume dispersion". 

John continued tackling problems in the United Kingdom, including at the University of Surrey and in the Nuclear Energy industry, where he improved and applied advanced dispersion modelling technologies.

As John's family grew, it was time to return to Australia, where he continues to provide expert advice and modelling services on complex atmospheric flow, air quality and dispersion issues. When not working, John enjoys following his beloved Geelong Cats and going camping with the family.

John and Engineering Air Science

John founded Engineering Air Science in 2008 to provide services in air quality, atmospheric flow, and fluid modelling. Since then, Engineering Air Science has provided precise and accurate solutions to both individuals and small local businesses, as well as international organisations.  


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