Dr. John Taylor

PhD, BEng(Hon), BSc, FIEAust, FRMetS, RPEQ

Specialising in:

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Boundary Layer Meteorology
  • Bluff Body Aerodynamics

John has worked on exciting projects including:

  • Abergeldie - Tunnel ventilation review
  • Alcoa - Cooling pond plume rise
  • Brisbane City Council - City Plan advice on complex flow and dispersion behaviour modelling techniques
  • Caltex - Expert advice on plume rise for Kurnell Refinery 
  • Glencore - Surface windfield investigation 
  • Worsley Aluminium - Plume merge behaviour for boiler-house multi-flue stack and fluid modelling of complex plume behaviour

Additionally, John has significant experience working on projects that are highly confidential.


Completing a PhD at Monash University was a natural progression for John's inherent scientific curiosity and abilities, and provided a springboard to his career in fluid flow and air quality.

John's career began by investigating the interaction between wind and the performance of buildings and structures, before using this experience in the field of fluid modelling to investigate complex turbulence and dispersion issues. This was followed by his time in the United Kingdom, where he worked in the Environmental Flow Research Centre at the University of Surrey, investigating the dispersion of dense gas plumes in complex atmospheric boundary layer flows.

The estimation of fugitive emissions from two of Western Europe's most contaminated industrial buildings brought John into the field of nuclear energy. He was able to improve the understanding and application of dispersion modelling technologies to provide guidance on this complex issue. John's time overseas was characterised by his philosophy for continuous improvement and a fastidious attention to detail.

As demonstrated by the diverse list of projects on which John has previously worked, he is able to apply his skills to a broad range of scenarios and industries, and has authored a number of publications to improve the knowledge and understanding of the scientific community.


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Characterisation of complex pollutant emissions from industrial sites. 14th IUAPPA World Congress, Brisbane. Taylor, J. 2007.

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